About company

It was founded in February 2012.
Representative offices: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Reserve Master is the first specialized payment system for hotels. It is not for online stores or for selling tickets online, only for hotels.

Sergey Zakharchenko

“Having worked in the payment business for 5 years, deeply immersed in its specific features, I have realized there is a huge niche on the market. The segment of the payment systems for hotels does not provide any profitable offers at all. Of course, there have been the payment methods for hotels. Nevertheless, there have not been specialized systems, which take into account the business specifics. I wanted to create a payment service designed only for hotels. I have put together a squad, and we have developed Reserve Master Service”.

Ivan Matveev
Technical Director

“Hoteliers, who have liked our service, complained only of one thing: uncomfortable working process with the use of different programs, a lot of time was spent on basing in 1C. I have realized it is really important for hotels. Nevertheless, what should I do? Should I create a new product? However, I have found a better solution! We have started the integration with all known hotel Property Management Systems: Epitome PMS, Edelweiss, Intellect Style, Fidelio, Micros, 1C Hotel, SimpleOrder, and this time we have offered hoteliers a perfect product”.

Catherine Besperstova
Operations director

“The modern service Reserve Master has been changed and crafted several times. Nowadays, the connection to the system takes less than 30 minutes. Money comes to the hotel account on the 3rd day after the payment. Who knows how Reserve Master will look like tomorrow? Maybe, in 30 years it will be installed telepathically. However, there is one thing, in which I am 100% sure: we will certainly adapt the system to new conditions of hotel industry”.

We have taken into account all the specific features of your business:

  • convenient ways of payment via payment self-service kiosks in Russia — more than 240 000 of locations,
  • integration with Epitome PMS, Edelweiss, Intellect Style, Fidelio, Micros, 1C Hotel,
  • money conversion in the system — any guest can pay in any currency,
  • technical support of payers — your customer gets help,
  • the use of credit/debit cards or electronic money via our service.