Frequently asked questions from our users

  • With which hotel management systems (PMS) are you integrated?
    Epitome PMS, Edelweiss, Intellect Style, Fidelio, Micros, 1C Hotel, FrontDesk24...
  • What are my next steps for connection?
    Fill out a form; our manager will contact you and send a contract. After signing it, you will get login and password for your PMS.
  • How should I register the payments received via Reserve Master in the accountancy?
    Payments received from Reserve Master in daily aggregated amounts should be registered in accordance with the registries of payments of individuals as the payment for the third parties.
  • Whether is charged the commission from Guest in the case of payment via the payment self-service kiosk?
    No, the commission is not charged from Guest in the case of payment via the payment self-service kiosk.
  • How can I chech whether the payment has been processed successfully?
    The guest receives SMS: “Your booking ________ is paid in the amount of ________ rubles. We are waiting for you!”
    The information about the booking payment is immediately sent to the hotel.
  • For how long should I pay for the booking?
    The booking payment term is fixed by the hotel. The guest receives SMS with the due date of the payment. If the validity of the booking has expired, and the payment has not been made, the guest receives SMS: “The validity of your booking number______ in the amount of _______ rubles has expired. The booking payment is unavailable”.
  • How much should I pay via the payment self-service kiosk?
    The guest has to pay the amount billed by the hotel manager, but no more than 15 000 (fifteen thousands) rubles at a time. If the sum is more than 15 000, you can pay it in increments via the same payment self-service kiosk.
  • Can I pay more than the amount specified in the booking confirmation if I do not have small denominations?
    It is not recommended. If for some reason the guest has paid the amount via the payment self-service kiosk, which is more than the amount specified in SMS, the entire amount is credited to the hotel account. You can use the difference between the paid and the needed amount in order to pay for the second day of accommodation at the hotel. The refund of the difference in cash is impossible at the hotel!
    Whether, the difference can be credited to the guest's card or settlement account at his discretion.
  • If the plans of the guest have been changed, how is the money paid back?
    In order to cancel the booking, the guest has to contact the hotel. When the hotel cancels the booking (in PMS or directly in the system), the refund information is automatically transferred to “Reserve Master”. The guest gets SMS with a link, clicking on which he chooses a convenient way for money refund: bank card or settlement account. After guest’s confirmation, the money is credited to the specified account details.
    The refund takes approximately from 3 to 14 working business days.
  • What amount will be refunded to the guest?
    The guest will get the amount specified by the hotel manager in accordance with the booking cancellation policy of this hotel.

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